*Discount code for eco-friendly products!*

A great zero-waste small business created by a former zookeeper is supporting my plastics pollution research journey! 
Code “Exxpedition” for 10% off. That’s 2 X’s on purpose.

Check out A Drop In The Ocean, fresh out of Tacoma, WA: https://adropintheoceanshop.com

Need some alternatives to plastic in your home? Check out some of my favorite swaps- shampoo bars, bar soap, safety razors, & reusable straws!

The shop: A Drop in the Ocean. They sell bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars, laundry detergent, straws, refillable liquid shampoo, and more. The code “Exxpedition” sends your 10% off into our research and clean-up mission fund. 

The cause: In case you haven’t heard enough about it by now… Exxpedition is an all-women’s sailing mission that will collect ocean plastics on a 2-year, round-the-world trip. We will conduct research on the origin and make-up of the trash and community outreach at each port. This is the same organization that discovered and let the ban on microbeads! Now you know why it’s spelled with 2 X’s (as in chromosomes 😉 )