Local opportunities to take part in Conservation

I created this Conservation Calendar for staff at work but I figured I’d share it with you guys too! Perhaps I’ll post one each month. Before the month, not halfway through it 😛

If you don’t like in the Houston/Galveston area, do a google search for conservation organizations close to you! Many areas have a local Audubon Society. That’s a great place to start, and usually a lovely property to visit. If you need help, comment or send me a message/e-mail. I’d be happy to try to help you find some cool stuff near you to get your closer to nature and be a part of conservation efforts 🙂

P.S.- This week is Slow Loris Outreach Week. I’ll post about some really cool work my boyfriend is doing to help those little guys out in the wild. He cares for them at Moody Gardens. Great pics coming soon!

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