Ocean conservation education at work, and reef safe sunscreen options!

In the Visitor’s Center at Moody Gardens, as guests pass through from place to place, they encounter this new temporary exhibit. It’s an interactive presentation about the state of the world’s reefs and how we can help. Here’s some tips offered on the outside, so even if they don’t want to check out the presentation, guests may pick up some tips. Did you know Moody uses recycled water for its irrigation? And doesn’t give out plastic lids or straws with beverages. I learned that today!

One thing missing was reef safe sunscreen. So I’m going to share my favorite, easy-to-find options in this post!

Remember that article I shared about the reef rescue project at Moody Gardens? Well, I didn’t realize how may different coral species were involved, and how well guests can see them in the rescue lab! So cool!

Speaking of ocean species…

Did you know climate change affects these cuties too?

Ice floes and solid ice formation in the Antarctic are crucial to a bunch of penguin species!

Penguins need safe and solid land to stay away from their large ocean-dwelling predators (like sharks, whales, and seals). They also need that space for breeding, keeping their chicks protected until their waterproof feathers come in, and to stay dry when molting.

Increased global temperatures melts ice, reducing haul out space, and can drastically change the crucial food sources in the waters nearby that penguins and other animals need to survive! Who doesn’t love penguins???

So, I’ll leave you with another product idea to help the planet and your body.

Sunscreen/sunblock made from zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are considered “reef safe” as they aren’t harsh chemicals that disrupt corals. They are also safer for your skin!

And guess what! You can find it at your local Target in a reusable TIN, instead of plastic. That means you’re doing a double good deed for the ocean. You go, Glen Coco!

P.S.- When empty, use the tin to store hair ties, bobby pins, or jewelry on the go. That’s what I do 🙂

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